My ears are bigger than yours

Profile of brown woman, eyes closed, with focus on ear.

Lend me your ears?

I wrote a little essay about my ears and other body parts. It’s called “What I Know About Dismemberment” and it will appear in one of my favorite literary journals The Museum of Americana at the end of this month. But I thought it would be fun to talk a little more here about my ears. So, (famous quote from Shakespearean play goes here).

 When is an idiom not an idiom?

The average adult female ear is 2 and a half inches long. Mine are just shy of three inches. Proportional to my other facial features, I’m all ears, literally.

If musicality were dependent on ear size, I would be packing concert halls.

I do regret that mine isn’t a musical ear. I cannot carry a tune. Neither could my father whose ears I inherited. I don’t know whether my grandfather could carry a tune. I only know from photos that his ears foreshadowed mine.

Old photo of Filipino family consisting of six adults sitting on a bench

Is it lucky to have big ears?

Yes! Yes, it is! Straight from the Internet: “Big ears with thick and large ear lobes are auspicious signs. People who have them are thought to be very lucky in life.”  This is not a far-off conjecture.

Profile of brown woman, eyes open, focus on ear and dangling earring.I’m grateful just to have ears, to listen with and to hang earrings on. Does jewelry accentuate or disguise big ears? Answer: Totally screams, “look at my ears!”

Look for my short essay, “What I Know About Dismemberment,” on the Americana Stories page of The Museum of Americana: A Literary Review on Tuesday, February 28.


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